Composer but also guitarist, I offer my services as a performer in remote session. This solution facilitates the work giving easy and quick part instrument on professional quality, at lower cost.

Also, my job as composer allows me to know and better understand the needs and requirements of a composer on a request for interpretation.

Today I expanded this service by offering the services of musician friends in whom I trust, living in the same region, and with whom I shared many musical and professional experiences. These are quality musicians with a solid background.

How it works?

I record in my studio with an intimate natural acoustics.

For the success of the session I need:

   1. An audio track with the backing of the composition.

   2. An audio track containing the sequence to interpret (from a virtual instrument for example) and / or partition (or chord grid).

   3. A click track (not mandatory).

These items may be sent separately or in one session (Cubase). Once all the items received, the record is held in my studio. After the session, I submit to the composer (via Dropbox or WeTransfer) mp3 track for awaiting validation. Free modification is possible, the following changes will be subject to a extra fee. When the composer has validated instrument part, I will ask the payment via PayPal (direct and safe). After receipt, I send the uncompressed file to the desired format.
For more information, please feel free to contact me.


Recording session is realised with high-end hardware. A dedicated PC to music production, Cubase 9 Pro, micro Static Blue Kiwi, Robbie Blue tube preamp, sound card Yamaha UR824 ..


Me contacter.


Is it possible to recover the separate parts rather than mixdown?

Yes, just ask.

How many days before I receive the parts?

All depends on my availability and that of musician. As soon as possible, as always!

Is it possible to have a premix of the track?

Yes it is quite possible. I can premix before sending (see prices).

Can we exchange a full session?

Working on Cubase 8 pro (always the last version), I can exchange any full session if we are under the same DAW.


Fifteen years of guitar practice, in diverse and varied styles. Sometimes jazz, sometimes folk, sometimes rock or blues, I play many musical styles.

My guitar’s park includes three folk guitars (Taylor / Takamine / Ibanez), a folk 12 strings (Takamine) classic (Valencia), two electric (Fender Strat US / Gibson Les Paul), a half box (Ibanez), gypsy guitar (Dupont).


Nothing like a little ukulele to embellish fresh and joyful compositions. I have two sizes, soprano and concert.


Max is a reference of the accordion. His specialty is diatonic and mastered the traditional repertoire. Used complex structures, a sense of rhythm very sharpened.