If you land on my site, it’s that you have directly or indirectly an interest in music, which is a good thing!

Above all, a small presentation is required. My name is Guillaume Baron, I have  thirty years old and I live in the province near La Rochelle (Charente Maritime). I started music a long time ago (term that means everything and saying nothing) with practice of the saxophone in the music school of Saint Leu-d’Esserent.

The following year I joined the band of the city and quickly discovered a passion for orchestral music, particularly the music of the films of the era, such as 1492: Christopher Columbus, Jurassic Park or Mission: Impossible that was interpreted regularly live.

Fender Stratocaster U.S.A

After a break of several years, I take music by taming what will become my main instrument, I named: GUITAR. My high school teachers remember my priorities. The comparison could not be hold between my Mathematics and improv session of the ACDC. Anyway I go and get my Scientific degree.

Then I go to Poitiers where I sign at the Musicology High School. Alongside my three years of study, I play on various bands in gypsy style particular, but also rock / blues, cabaret. I also create a tentet Jazz with covers of Louis Jordan, Duke Ellington, Count Basie..

The license in the pocket, I go in Tours and I register in Master of Musicology. After some months I make the choice to leave the curriculum to launch myself fully in a career as a composer and performing musician. Thanks to the magic of the internet, the available tutorials, I learn, I perfect in the use of computers, softwares, recording and mixing methods.

Two years later, back in Charente Maritime, I discovered the Alhambra Studio and the main protagonists make this place a great place. These meetings were crucial for me. I learned a lot and the relationship of trust with them allows me to open the field of possibilities.

AKG K712 Pro

Since these days, I have never ceased to compose, produce within my modest home studio, with maximum of real instruments available.

My activities today are: the composition for publishers and for various projects as well as the interpretation of instruments parts (guitar, clarinet, vocals) for other composers.

If you read the last lines is that you came to the end it’s great!

Good visit and see you soon 🙂